Pole Tent

Pole tents provide a traditional look and feel to any event.This is the original 'push- pole' tent, specifically designed to shelter, protect and enhance special events. Strong and durable, these Party Tents can assume nearly any configuration to meet the demands of the occasion. Superb® Pole tents is got 2 types of clear span , 12 m and 18 m span ( width ) , and the length can be extended unlimited by 6m unit . Elegant, luxury ,durability and aesthetics are combined in the design of our tent ,widely used for outdoor event, including weddings, graduations, church functions, reunions and more. Which give you a memorable event.

Available sizes:
  • Span:40ft & 60ft.
  • Features:
  • The original 'push- pole' tent.
  • Open side for fresh air.
  • Large inside space, suitable for top grade event.
  • Stylish and versatile.
  • Relocatable,easy to install, dismantle and transport.
  • Full line accessories available.
  • Frame:
  • No maintenance required.
  • Extruded 4 channel aluminum hollow profiles with anodized finishing above 12um.
  • All steel connectors including small parts have galvanized finishing above 60um.
  • Different brand fabric for option: China Fabric, Ferrari, Sioen, Verseidag.
  • Technical Parameters:

    Style Type Span(m) Side height(m) Ridge height(m) Bay Distance(m) Roof Pitch Wind Load
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    MS MS12 12 2.6 6.5 6 20° 80 Inquiry
    MS18 18 2.6 6.5 6 20° 80 Inquiry

    Kedered roof fabric and sidewalls provide weather-proof tight coverings.
    Bar tensioning roof & sidewalls system.
    Different brand fabric for option: China Fabric,Ferrari,Sioen,Verseidag.