Work for environmental Singapore national Garden Festival

        The Singapore Garden Festival is a biennial garden and flower show held in Singapore from August 16 to 24. It is the international garden show in the tropics to showcase creations from the world’s top award-winning garden and floral designers under one roof.  Superb was the premier tent supplier of temporary outdoor accommodation, with its leading space facilities and service capabilities.

        The Multi-Sided tent of 10 meter side height (30x70m) provide by superb was one of the highest tent on the world. This amazing temporary building was design for a practical solution to accommodate those up to 7-10m high trees displayed during the festival.

        Meanwhile, Superb designed and manufactured series of tents for the festival with various shapes and sizes such as half-dome tents, Arcum TentsStandard Tents and Pagoda Tents. Superb played an important role and provided perfect  solutions for the wonderful festival.